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Affiliated to the National Smallbore Rifle Association and the Yorkshire Smallbore Rifle & Pistol Association

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York R.I. Rifle & Pistol Club can trace its roots back to 1908. We are a recreational and competitive shooting club, shooting a range of target based disciplines. Our 20yd & 25yd indoor range is based at the RI Sports and Leisure Club, close to York railway station. This range is used for .22 rifles and air rifles. We also have a 10m air pistol range at the same location. Just outside the City, at Hessay, are our 25m, 50m & 100yds outdoor ranges for .22, limited muzzle energy fullbore and black-powder shooting.

Our members compete in regional competitions with other target shooting clubs. We have several leagues based on ability so everyone can enjoy the excitement of competition. Our members are from all walks of life, male & female and range in age from teenagers up to senior members in their 80's.

New membership applications are processed at our Queen Street range. Please make initial contact using the details below. Do not visit the range without a prior appointment. Due to firearms legislation, all applicants must submit to a police check and provide addresses for two references. Once this process is complete, we can offer applicants a six month probationary membership. During this period, beginners are taught range procedures and the safe handling of firearms. We provide rifles, ear defenders and other equipment free of charge, but ammunition is charged for.

Types of Equipment Used

You'll find all kinds of rifles and pistols being used on the ranges by our members, here are some of the most common ones listed by which range they are used on.

20yd & 25yd range

.22 Light Weight Rifle
.22 prone Rifle (25yd)
Air Rifle

10m Air pistol & rifle range

Air Pistol
Air Rifle

25m, 50m & 100yd outdoor open range

Black-powder pistol
Black-powder rifle
Full-bore rifle/carbine
.22 prone Rifle (50m & 100yd)


Our adult subscription fee is £130 per year, with discounts for junior and senior members. We also have an initial 6 months probationary membership, which is £70. This includes unlimited use of club equipment (rifles, ear defenders etc.) and club insurance.

Opening times

Monday: 7-9pm
Tuesday: 7-9pm
Wednesday: 7-9pm
Thursday: 7-9pm

Age limits

Anyone under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian each visit. This is the same for all disciplines. You have to be 14 or over to apply for a Firearm Certificate.

Firearm Certificate

Most members decide to graduate from using the Club's equipment and purchase their own. To own a .22 rifle, most black-powder firearms and all full-bore firearms, members will have to apply to their local police for a firearm certificate (FAC). You do not need a FAC for air pistols or air rifles. This can be done after a probationary membership period and once the Club is happy you are safe to handle firearms on your own. We can advise on this procedure when the time comes, but if you wish you can see the requirements on the North Yorks Police website here. (Please apply to your local police if different to North Yorks.)

Contact Info

Please make initial contact via email:
Or write to:
The Rifle Club Membership Secretary,
York RI Sports Club,
Queen Street,
YO24 1AD

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